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DAPPS (Drake Athletics Priority Points System)

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To create a fair, consistent, and transparent method of providing benefits and rewarding Bulldog fans by recognizing philanthropy to Drake Athletics.



Donors will retain priority points earned from their Drake Athletics giving history.


DAPPS Calculation

Drake University Affiliation

  • Drake University Alumni- one-time 5-point bonus

    • A 10-point bonus is available for a household if both individuals are Drake Alumni

  • Drake Athletics letter winner (D-Club)- one-time 5-point bonus

  • Current or Former Drake University Faculty or Staff- one-time 5-point bonus

Drake Athletics Giving

  • All Drake Athletics Gifts - 3 points per $100 received 

    • This includes lifetime giving to any area of Drake Athletics (e.g. Bulldog Club, sport-specific giving, etc.)

  • Current Year Champion’s Club - 25 bonus points for $5,000 - $9,999 in donations to Drake Athletics during our current fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th)

  • Current Year Athletics Director Circle – 100 bonus points for $10,000 or more in donations to Drake Athletics during our current fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th)

  • Planned Gifts- one-time 100-point bonus

    • The planned gift must be documented with Drake Athletics in order to receive points


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don’t I have any priority points?

    • Only those individuals who have made a gift to Drake Athletics are eligible to receive priority points.

  • Why doesn’t this new priority points system take season tickets into account?

    • We sincerely appreciate the unwavering support of our loyal season ticket holders. In 2016, Drake Athletics moved our ticketing software to AXS Ticketing Solutions. Unfortunately, with that change, we lost our ability to capture historical ticketing data for priority points calculations. In the future, we hope to incorporate season ticket holder loyalty into our priority points system.

  • How are you defining a planned gift to Drake?

    • A planned gift could include a bequest, a gift in your will, or a living trust. This planned gift to Drake Athletics must be documented with Drake University in order to receive points. Priority points one-time bonus will be given for any documented planned gift to Drake Athletics.

  • How do I move up on the priority points rankings?

    • The easiest way to move up the priority points rankings is by making a gift to Drake Athletics.

  • Does my gift to Drake Athletics count the same regardless of its designation within the Athletics Department?

    • Yes, whether your gift is restricted or unrestricted, it is valued the same in our priority points system.

  • Why are priority points important?

    • Priority points are the primary factor when assigning or allocating Athletics Department benefits, such as season ticket reseating, premium seating locations, parking passes, seating for post-season events, and exclusive opportunities for insider events.

  • Are my donations to Drake University counted in this priority points system?

    • We greatly appreciate our fans and alumni that donate to the university. Our priority points system only accounts for gifts made to the Drake Athletics Department.

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