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AXS Mobile-ID = Ticket Delivery Method

Accessing Your Tickets

Accessing Your Tickets
App Store.jpg
Download the AXS App on your smartphone (Apple or Android)
If you have never used the AXS App press Create Account or Sign In with the SAME EMAIL used when purchasing tickets.
Login with the SAME email address used when purchasing tickets or the email that tickets were transferred to.
Once logged into the App you will have to Verify your phone with a 6-Digit Code that is texted to you.
Once logged into the App this will be your screen.
When arriving press on the little ticket stub at the bottom middle of your screen to pull up your tickets for games. The top game will be your most current/closest game
Press on the Tickets for your game and this is what is shown to staff at game to enter the arena.
Transferring Tickets

Transferring Your Tickets

Once inside the event screen, select 'Transfer'

Screenshots of tickets will not work as the barcode refreshes ever 60 seconds. 
Select the ticket(s) you'd like to transfer. 
Enter the name and email address of the person you would like to transfer ticket(s) to. 
review transfer updated time.jpg
Review the transfer and select 'Confirm Transfer' at the bottom of the screen. 
Transferred Tickets

Transferred Tickets

App Store.jpg
The person receiving the transferred ticket(s) will receive an email prompting them to download the AXS App
Follow the steps in Accessing Your Tickets to view your Tickets

No Smart Phone?

No Smart Phone?

The credit card used to purchase can be swiped at the entrance to bring up the tickets for the usher. 


Your card will not be charged again. It is used to bring up your account and tickets for the event.

Unsure what credit card you used? 
1. Visit
2. Sign in with the email address on your DrakeTix ticket account. 
3. Click on "Your Account"
4. Click on "Payments"

Here you will see the credit cards you can use for entry into events.  Add a new card here if you paid by check or are not sure which card was used. The credit card will just be swiped to find your tickets nothing will be charged.

AXS Moblie ID - Questions


What is AXS Mobile ID?

AXS Mobile ID is digital ticketing technology that provides the flexibility and convenience of safely and securely managing tickets online or in the AXS mobile app and is the preferred admission method for the venue. It eliminates paper tickets and allows you to enter the venue with your AXS Mobile ID and manage your tickets digitally. AXS Mobile ID gives you the ability to transfer, sell and buy seats through an official marketplace endorsed by the venue.

Why did the venue decide to use AXS Mobile ID?

AXS Mobile ID allows for convenience, flexibility, and security. Fans can manage tickets digitally, transfer or sell tickets when needed (if applicable), and remain assured that all tickets are authentic and secure. The move to AXS Mobile ID is designed to put tickets in the hands of fans, reduce ticket scalping from unauthorized resale sites & ensure that we know who is coming to the show.

How do I create an AXS account?

Upon purchasing tickets, your AXS tickets will be automatically added to your existing AXS account. If you do not currently have an AXS account you will be instructed to create one during your purchase. You can also create an account without purchasing tickets by going to and entering some very basic account information. After completing the account information, you may buy, sell or manage any seats in your account.

Bought tickets for a group?

Make sure everyone enters together OR transfer tickets to

friends before the event & have them follow the steps above to enter the venue.


What if my guests arrive at different times?

Many fans find it best to TRANSFER the seats to their guests prior to the event. This way your

guests will be able to enter when they arrive using their own AXS Mobile-ID.

Can seats be transferred to someone who doesn’t have an AXS account?

Yep! They’ll just have to create an AXS account to claim their tickets. They’ll also need to get

the AXS app. When it’s time for the event, they can open the app to show their tickets on their


Can I cancel a transfer?

It depends. If your friend already has an AXS account, the tickets will be transferred

instantaneously. Otherwise, you have until your friend creates an account to cancel the transfer.

Remember, your friends can always transfer tickets back to you.

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