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Premium location - $75

Dog Pound - $50

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Details of each Fan Cutout:

Premium location - $75

Your cutout will be located behind the scorer’s table and team benches to cheer on the Bulldogs all season long at every men’s basketball and women’s basketball game this season. 

  • Cutout located in lowest rows on TV-visible side of arena 

  • Cutout autographed by Darian DeVries or Jennie Baranczyk  

  • Picture of cutout location emailed to you during the season 

  • One lucky fan each game will be featured as the fan of the game and have their cutout featured with Darian DeVries or Jennie Baranczyk on Drake’s social media page 

  • Cut out will be available for pick up at the conclusion of the season or shipped for a fee 


Dog Pound - $50

Do you have a furry friend who loves to cheer on the Bulldogs as much as Griff II?? The Dog Pound will be located behind the visiting team basket and will be clustered with other pet cutouts to distract the opponent during free throw attempts. For an additional $25, your cutout will be signed by Griff II himself, and the proceeds from the autograph will go to Griff Gives Back to support dogs in need in our community. 

  • Cutout located behind basket 

  • Signed by Griff II (if choosing additional fee option) 

  • Cut out will be available for pick up at the conclusion of the season or shipped for a fee 

Instructions and More

What to wear: 

  • Blue Drake gear (wear what you would wear to a game) 

  • Contrast with the wall color (ex: wear blue if the wall is white or tan) 


  • Stand in front of a solid, light color wall 

  • Make sure light is facing you, not coming behind you 


  • Have someone else take your picture (No selfies) 

  • Try to only have your upper half in the photo, full body won’t fit in frame 

  • Remember to take a vertical/portrait photo 


  • All cutouts will be individually printed 

  • All images must feature only one person/pet in the cutout 

  • Photo on cutout will be 18” tall 

  • Drake Athletics reserves the right to decline any photo or ask for an alternative photo